Above Ground Storm Shelters – Producing an Income

Is your job wearing you down? Have you ever thought of producing an income from home? Many people are crafting very happy and fortune filled life through business from home. That’s right I did not say a job from home but a home business, such as Above Ground Storm Shelters in OKC. What is the difference some may ask? Earning potential, eventual freedom from daily grind. They started from the garage and still continue to work from home as well as having a show room for all the different types of above ground storm shelters in the OKC communities.

For more information go here: http://www.stormsheltersokc.org/above-ground-storm-shelters.html

Discover the best strategy to build and develop your own business while working in your underwear if you please at your own place. Begin now forming the structure of your business with the proper technique and perfected plan, used well and proven by others.
What motivates you to act? Is it the alarm in the morning saying “Get Up!” “Go to Work!” or are you already motivated but are not sure where to turn for a great opportunity of financial independence.

The business Above Ground Storm Shelters did and still does this!

Presently, it feels imperative that most people find more revenue streams to help offset the retirement years that we know will arrive and like most others that do not have enough cash at the end of the pay period, would it not be wonderful to be saving the green rectangle shaped paper aka money like a dentist can put it aside and watch it grow?
Also imagine doing something once and getting paid for it over multiple months and even years. With the web at our finger tips and more lately at our thumb tips it is increasingly easier to work from home. Networking marketing is where most people go to find the answer for residual income and there are a lot of companies to choose from.
You may not be wrong choosing from some but if you have done one in the past there is not much difference. The product of course is different, the compensation plan is probably tweaked, but in the end you need to find a “butt-load” of peeps to join with you in the adventure. While it may seem like an uphill battle it can be done. But why fight the uphill battle, why not open a business that people need, like everyday item, products and services such as Above Ground Storm Shelters…
You first must determine, which product you can overstock at your house that will benefit you and your way of life, says Above Ground Storm Shelters. Next make up your mindset over the long haul to know that you must engage every conversation you possibly can to educate others on what you do. Last you must be willing to persist no matter what the reason. Results are your answer no
t reasons or excuses of why not.
If you have the Money Making Mindset and You are ready it is time for you to find the way to accomplishing your desires of improved wealth. This part of the story is indispensable! You must determine your desires and fixate on your mindset to obtain your goals. Where does you persistence placate? Can you drive the boat or are you waiting to be told how to steer the ship? Attitude? There are necessary traits to success, but like any successful
person will tell you, they persisted through imperfection and failure to be successful! This is crucial to your success for your home business. See the link below.
So first decide to leave the regular race of the rats and step into another realm of thinking. Go a different way from mainstream. Step outside your current path of mediocrity, and move to a career that will propagate positive return on your time and money producing preferences. If you feel it is time to make a move, and you feel like snooping into a discovery of real gold like production. Above Ground Storm Shelters knows that while it is not easy, and many people fail, if you embrace the work ahead you will be rewarded, but if you treat it like a hobby it will pay you like a hobby.
People are in place to direct and elevate your thinking. Make a move, choose to chance it.
Join this adventure to greater Wealth, Freedom from the JOB, and separate yourself from the majority as you elevate your mindset and attain your goals.

LA SEO is Successful


Here’s the story with this top-notch, your best choice, LA SEO company, and that is this marketing company owned by Galloway Marketing has taken thousands of companies to the top of Google for such an affordable cost that you can’t afford not to hire them!

First of all, having any type of business, whether it is online or a brick and mortar business, one needs marketing online. So, when a business is on the first page of Google and in the local map listings and all over the internet in various niche specific locations than you will get tons of customers.

That’s where LA SEO comes into play. They know their stuff, cost-effective and do it in a timely manner. Most other companies that we hear from have hired other marketers for thousands of dollars and do not even get more traffic to their website at all. This is not okay and Galloway Marketing makes sure they do what they promise and they guarantee what they do for all companies.

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So, now that you have the right choice for marketing your business, let them know we sent you from Jason’s MLM Info Blog and they will give you a discount….

How’s that for service!

When in need of getting more customers, call LA SEO up and tell them exactly what you are looking for and they will deliver fro your company. Many of us have used their SEO services for our other businesses and we have all been exceedingly happy with the outcome.

Now, it is  your turn to get involved with them, grow your very own business and make some real money, don’t you agree?

Yes you do!

This is why we write about such subjects to help all other business owners out there!


Kitchen Remodel Denver vs MLM

Kitchen Remodel Denver vs MLM

Okay, Jason here and why in the world would I compare a kitchen remodeling company in Denver, CO with any type of an mlm? Well, I want to drive home the importance of a real business compared to any mlm that is out there today. Kitchen Remodel Denver is a business that provides services to all the residents of the Denver community. Mlm’s do not provide any type of service unless you bring in more people to buy in and then they can get the services offered. Well, maybe not so strick as that but you get the idea, right?

Believe it or not I have been in a few mlm’s and know the process. Hey, some of the products are actually pretty good. But that is not the jist of an mlm. What they really need you to do is to bring others ‘in’ the mlm. This is what makes everyone money, including you.

Now, when talking about Kitchen Remodel Denver, which is simply an example of a brick & mortar business for thsi article, it’s a real sustainable business, would you agree? I mean as long as they continue to do good work and provide the remodeling services to all customers, right?


So, when wanting to get into any mlm, please think twice, no think think more than twice about it. Ask other people’s opinions that have been in any mlm and did they, in fact, make any money that is simply sustainable.

Check them out here: www.kitchenremodeldenver.org/

Love real sustainable businesses, whether it’s an online business (not an mlm) or a brick & mortar business. And there are many online businesses that are real and many people work great with them, unlike mlm’s.

Alrighty, so I think you get the idea and what my opinion is….lol.



Strongbrook: Multilevel Marketing in a New Vision

Strongbrook: Multilevel Marketing in a New Vision

When many think of multilevel marketing, many believe that it solely revolves around internet marketing and other such undertakings. Multilevel marketing is a business model that allows for a product or service to be sold by several businessmen and then compensated by the main business, through a tunnel effect. With this understanding, the product does not have to be something that is necessarily tangible. Strongbrook is a strong example of this mlm business model. They actually received financing from Small Business Loans New York to help grow this huge entity.

Multilevel Marketing through the Eyes of Real Estate

Strongbrook was first developed in 2007 as a real estate advisor company that allows for individuals that want to pursue a career in real estate to be well trained and versed in the field. With this wealth of information that was used, the Strongbrook Company not only trains the salesman, but also lines up the real estate and thus makes the sales for a fee. After five years of this business in place the company decided to take a different approach to their business, and thus implemented the multilevel marketing tactic to their business plan. With this new business model, Strongbrook exploded with opportunity and sales.

The multilevel marketing plan was a success, only because of the insurance it gives the businessman. The plan was made of many different aspects that the investor can use to make a sound capital. With information being their most used feature, Strongbrook capitalized on this. The new program was created called the Strongbrook Direct.

Strongbrook Direct: Multilevel Marketing through Information and Innovation

With the since that you need a large amount of money to buy real estate, many sway from this field of work. With this new mlm feature of the company, the investor can attain real estate with little to no money upfront. It consist of a businessman that uses the information at hand thus finds the investor for the company and then makes a compensation for the initial buy of the property. If and when the businessman signs on more investors, a residual income is made. With this concept, the businessman can assign more people through him and make a profit from the businessmen under him. This is the funnel effect that mlm consist of.

Along with this mlm model, there is a ton of other ways that you can make capital within the company. The first concept of this business model is that the startup is free. This allows for the businessman to have access to all of the information along with the compensation that is in place for the mlm structure. The secondary method of making money inside of Strongbrook is the up sell of information. Some investors may not want attain property right away. If this is the case, then you can up sell them the information that is attainable through the business. After the sell is made, you then again, make a residual income as long as the investor has access to the classes through the company. With these main mlm structures, the businessman can reach new heights with the fixed structure of the mlm business model.

Multilevel Marketing brings in Capital

With the above mlm model of Strongbrook, many individuals have found a steady and rewarding income. Since the Strongbrook Company has utilized the mlm business model, their revenue has tripled. Along with this great increase, many businessman and woman have attached themselves to the company and made profit as well. This only shows you that, if implemented right the mlm business model can be a great way to bring in capital as a businessman or a company as a whole. National Business Loans Directory is the main site they received financial assistance.



Reliv Multilevel Marketing –a good way to earn income from home.

Reliv Multilevel Marketing –a good way to earn income from home.

Network marketing or multi level marketing is a strategy in which the distributor will recruit sales people and guide them on selling strategies, while being a seller himself. The sales force is profited not only for the sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other sales persons they recruit. MLM does not require any specific qualifications or prior experience, nor are there any types of age restrictions for becoming a distributor.

Reliv International, Inc or Reliv is such a network marketing company which supplies dietary supplements and skin care products. Here the salespersons not only sell the company’s products but also encourage others to join the company as distributor. It is a type of direct selling where the salespersons sell product directly to customers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing.

Reliv has its headquarters at St. Louis, MO, United States and sells its products through a network of independent distributors in 16 countries. Now, after its founding over two decades, Reliv is a global company with more than 60000 distributors worldwide. Its mission is to nourish Our World in body, mind and spirit.

This mission is pursued by providing nutritional products that promote optimal health, along with a business opportunity that offers individual freedom and personal growth, and also a charitable foundation that combats hunger around the world. It is all said in their logo which has a circle and three flags inside it. The circle represents the world, while the three flags represent body, mind and spirit.

“Distributors First” is the primary principle which guide Reliv. The corporate office supports distributors in their business efforts and distributors, in turn, embrace the same philosophy in support of their organization.

Their five core values are:

  • Quality: The ingredients used their products come from the most reputable suppliers and undergo rigorous testing.
  • Trust: The detailed information about the products and business opportunities are available to all as transparency is provided in everything they do.
  • Integrity: Moral and ethical principles are adhered in all aspects of business. That responsibility is taken seriously as people are dependent on their products to maintain their health, and business to maintain their livelihood.
  • Changing lives: Helps in changing lives of people as they benefit from the products and business opportunity.
  • Giving back: As a part of their mission to nourish the world, charitable efforts are being made by Reliv Kalogris Foundation.

Network Marketing and Herbalife

Network Marketing and Herbalife

Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing is a retail method of product distribution where the manufacturing companies forego the traditional levels of selling and concentrate on direct marketing. The fact that direct marketing of products and services is achieved through a network of salespeople, representatives or consultants is what gives this mode of marketing its name. And one need only study the rise of Herbalife to explore this particular type of marketing.
Network Marketing differs from other ways of direct selling in that it is based on a compensation system. The margins that are divided between various channels of sales in traditional mode of marketing are passed on to a network of sales representatives in MLM as compensation to give them incentive to sell more as well as offer them an independent mean of remuneration.

Herbalife Reviews

Herbalife has been using this exact symbiotic system just as Herbalife has since its inception in 1980. With nearly USD 4 billion business from thousands of sales representatives worldwide, Herbalife has been successfully selling nutritional supplements for sports and weight management as well as personal care products in more than 90 countries around the world.
Herbalife’s success can be contributed primarily to its two pronged marketing strategy. At one level Herbalife provides its distributors a readymade product line, with a proper framework in place that helps the distributors manage sales, returns and customer service enquiries while at the other level Herbalife manages the logistics and payments that are supported by its vast IT infrastructure. Through this strategy Herbalife is able to encourage the entrepreneurial instinct in its distributors by providing them comprehensive background support. The financial overheads are all managed by Herbalife while the legwork sans monetary investment is provided by the representatives, an advantageous situation for both the parties.
Network Marketing or MLM does not require any specific qualifications or prior experience nor are there any age restrictions for becoming a Herbalife distributor. These factors are especially significant for people looking for means of employment without compromising on family time, or for those who really need the additional income that a
few hours of networking can bring. Herbalife, and other MLM companies like it, empower such people by giving them a framework within which they can thrive. In fact, there is a website that researches all the MLM’s and totally gives an unbiased review and how they work. the website is Sculpturedecor.com.
The Herbalife model is successful because each distributor is motivated to educate and perpetuate his downline since a healthy set of recruits who know their job well will provide a steady stream of income to the distributor which will on ly increase with the passage of time. This model has been inspiring enough for many other direct distribution companies to imitate, which speaks eloquently about the success of Herbalife.
Jason 😉

Avon and it’s MLM Story

Avon and it’s MLM Story

Multi Level Marketing typically works through a network of distributors or recruits and it works at multiple levels, hence the name. A distributor will recruit sales people and guide them on selling strategies, while being a seller himself. He then makes commission on the products that the recruits sell.

Multiple levels are achieved when each recruit in turn becomes a distributor himself and recruits more salespeople. In essence, each salesperson is a distributor in his own right and a profit head, and his recruits are his downline, who help generate profit from him. This model of marketing has been gaining traction since 1940s and has been fairly successful in generating revenue for American companies.

Avon is a prime example, which uses direct marketing and MLM channels and has been a force in thecosmetics industry. Avon has been in the business of cosmetics for over a centurythough its MLM strategy is only a couple of decades old. From direct marketing to Multi Level Marketing was a natural progression for Avon since it allowed for direct sellingto morph from door-to-door to relationship marketing as the product lines matured.

Avon’s Sales Leadership Programme, through which MLM was introduced in the sales and marketing strategies also allowed the existing representatives to earn money from direct sales as well as through recruiting their downline. This allowed some representative to expand their revenue manifold.

Avon thrives on the customer support that MLM offers. It allows the company to stay in direct touch with customers month after month as well as get feedback on new and existing products. The new product development is largely governed by the feelers through the sales representatives.
I actually found a site, http://www.sculpturedecor.com, that has several unbiased articles on all the successful Multi-Level-Marketing companies. There are hundreds, if not thousands, our there right now taking in millions of dollars by their sales people!
The fact that Multi Level Marketing also offers the sales representatives flexible working hours is a bonus. There are no deadlines to consider, nor does the company require a certain number of hours every week: one can work for as many or as few hours as one prefers anywhere.
Topped with wonderful marketing campaigns that have been in step with the changing times, Avon offers all its representative freedom to choose their own earning options. Avon also offers several skill upgrading platforms for its representatives so that they can sell to a wider audience and provides them with online toolsand brochures to serve their customers better.
With well researched beauty products that are sold through representatives who are connected to their social circles, Avon is a household name in more than 70 countries of the world.
Gotta Love It,

How’s Empower Network Doing These Days?

How’s Empower Network Doing These Days?

Wow, we remember getting into Empower Network when it first came onto the MLM scene. We made a ton of money with it, however, I believe it has starting going down hill now.

I don’t mean it’s products are going hill, they have excellent products. What I mean is the interest and the fact that only 1% of it’s members made a decent living is why it’s going down hill fast.

Along with that fact that the Co-Founder stepped down almost 2 years ago. His name is Dave Sharpe and he stepped down to to his hepatitis C…

Now, the other Founder which is Dave Wood is still holding his own, that’s for sure. Empower Network is making money for some but again you need to put hours in daily and stay consistent and maybe, just maybe, you would be in that 1 to 2 % that makes a decent living!

Empower Network

So, when we were making some of those dollar bills with Empower, it was the ‘big thing’ then. It’s all about blogging and making money with blogging, which again can be done! Basically, they give you all the tools to buy then blog about them and sell them to others, just like any other MLM…

You have to remain consistent, have all the products and be able to sell to others. Some of the their products help you to become a better salesperson and learning how to blog is one of their main products. Like I said before, their products are really good. They actually taught me quite a bit.

MLM’s will never stop coming around and the good ones, such as Amway, Avon etc…

There are literally thousands our there. So, if you have a little cash saved up, some time and the ‘belief’ in yourself to be able to sell these products or to be extremely open to being ‘coached’ then you can and will make money.

I believe many people, infact the majority of people, quite before they even give themselves a chance to do this. Seriously, think if you were to start your own business with a brick and mortar, you would need hundreds of thousands of dollars, right?


With this you’re starting with a little to nothing. Eventually, one needs to spend some money on their businesss if you really want to move up.

Point being, Empower Network is a good company, good products, good people! I know cuz I was there and went to a couple of their events. Check out this ex-Empower Network member and what the heck are they doing now without being in any MLMS…

Best advice, research on any type of business you are thinking about getting in. Educate yourself on them and keep on researching before making that move.

Hope this helps you.

Enjoy your day,
Jason & Team